Sunday, October 23, 2005

Work/Writing and Thing that go 'Crawl' in the Night

I work some 58 hours from Sun to Sun this week...including the 8 hours tonight...sighs. Some weeks I'm insane...infuckingsane. Only 4 hours of OT to show for that effort thanks to ridiculous breaks in weeks on the schedules, but I have the next two weeks off and I'm going to see NIN and write alot on my NaNo novel (best laid plans of mice and men).

I'm praying for call offs though I need the money like a fiend needs what, blood and bones?

"Doom" update...well, I was sooooo freaking sleepy I nearly dozed twice (getting less than 10 good hours of sleep in a week, even when you're manicky, will do that to you), but it was just a lovely gorefest! Karl Urban could simply steal me away and I'd willingly go like a little lamb to slaughter. "Bleet."

GFNim is ready to split a seam over Sean's new fluff. Or, as Karl would say, "Fanny". I told her to never fear and go w/her plan to deal with it in fictional writing. Yep, learned 'fanny' can refer to quim in NZ. Man, they've got alot of words I'd have to watch when I get there or I'd be getting into all sorts of trouble. *laughs* Stupid American that I am....

Friday night, I felt a supposed eight-legged creature touch my bare thigh when I was lying in the dark in bed. It was nearly dawn anyway, with me being up all night. I've been wary ever since. I despise spiders. Passionately! With prejudice...

So, last night, while deciding to cheat on NaNo to get a few days ahead (I admit it. Mea Culpa...etc, etc...), I found myself so sleepy that I only managed 500 words and crashed. Granted, it was 4 or 5 am and my alarm was set for 0730, but hey! I'm manicky at the moment. Who needs sleep?

Guess I did.

Heavy guilt on the Yule list of things I want to make for friends but it's the end of October and I'm not about to crochet November away when novels are to be written!

Just saw a lovely screenshot of Sean Bean's cock. Applause Mr. Bean, applause! And if it's that size in a cold shower room, you can keep it to yourself when it gets hard. I have no place save between my tits to put it....

More maybe later, but for now, I'm going to try to catch up a 1666 word day to buy me one off in November...*mwahahahaha*
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