Saturday, December 04, 2010

Reviving Old Blogs for all new Reasons

Altered Art, Poetry, Crochet, original Jewelry, reusable materials...

I recently got a beloved turned on to altered art and a way to make it 'hers'. It's as if she's birthing all of her creative sides at 30...ready to sally forth into the rest of her existence. Holly is knitting for money, crocheting for fun and she's an amazing Mama. Life is messy here, but there are new roofs for the house and garage and the paint, Sashay Sand (? - not familiar with Sherwin Williams) is a match for the house and the valuable homemade brick from the old plantation.

If you decide to return to following me and my other blogs, one is definitely on my little business that now consists of Sacred Art and writing. I haven't thrown out jewelry, books, knitting, crocheting and self care products. Far from it...I'm refocusing. I'm disabled now and my energy is devoted to trying to get better and not to 'growing' a business. The Urban Gypsie is gone and has been for a coupla years..., but I still have a brain and I hope I can collect patterns for everyone, have a place to truly blog and to enjoy what I'm doing.

I can make lovely things even if it takes me 20 times longer. I can also inspire and cheer on anyone wanting to do these things with intriguing photos. Check out this link: I've got more photos of similar bags and every crocheter knows you can make some wicked things from excellent inspiration.

It's a goodnight for me at the moment, but I'm going to try to get word of this blog and whatnot back out again! Wish me luck!

Amazon Fiasco

Good morning everyone! (Barely morning). I found out something intriguing and infuriating about Amazon today. If you have an "