Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Amoral Imperative

To sleep, perchance to dream...

More Regency dreams and I woke up to talk to a bud OL for a bit about a rock group name, Amoral Imperative. Actually, I told her we should restart our Spies OL game and use that for a mission name for my character, Tatiana.

Off to Barnes and Noble to score some sleezy priced fiction. I'm in dire need. I feel it. Feel right there. That's a $4.95 hardback NYT bestseller jones. Big one. *laughs*

Christ! Missing everyone.

Screams like Kong. (but is not ugly like Kong)

"According to study conductors at Victoria and Otago Universities, participants described the "typical Kiwi" as fun-loving, risk-taking, intellectually curious, open-minded, friendly, affectionate, happy and calm. NZ was one of the few nations of the 49 surveyed to give a fairly accurate assessment of their national character.
(6 October 2005)"

I gotta get to NZ. Clicky the linky dots at the top and look at the cow. F'king hilarious.
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