Thursday, October 13, 2005

Novel Madness

Crocheted a tiny little international orange dice bag today and had intentions of starting a brown/beiges tote bag and/or a medicine bag for my backpack. I culled out some yarns and pondered a dice bag in the browns of the Browncoats of "Serenity" the game.

I'm researching and still firm on the Space Opera idea. I would groove to the spy thing too, but I'd be so drooly over a potential Kirill type, I'd get nothing but sex written. Tatiana having sex. More sex. Sex again. Sex w/pain. Sex w/pleasure...see? Perv.

Tomorrow will be spent on either shopping for various things with Crafties and Xmass/Yulies and Business in mind or hanging w/Adrian and living like a rock star for a few hours over the afternoon. Adrian is taking a young disadvantaged woman who is trying to elevate herself from existing amongst "thugs" to a place where she feels good about herself and not seeing herself as some guy's "cracker 'ho". He's going to take her to Godiva and give his new friend a huge chocolate dipped strawberry for not decking a worthless Hilton co-worker who was assaulting her. The jerk employee got fired (thank all the Gods).

Saturday, I play Seventh Sea...A Daughter of Sophia.

In the midst, I'm backstorying for my NaNoWriMo 50K sprint in November. Music being established.

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