Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Returning to Leaves for a Today

In Hotlanta for Trent. Ummmm yummmmmmm.... Going in as a Spiral guest and listening to sound checks and stuff. Then I drive home at 0600 tomorrow which will suck, but not like it sucked to be awake for 36 hours or more yesterday. That really blew.

I'm still doing the MySpace thing and crocheting all the time and reading books alot lately. My journal is full of stupid shit, but I'm trying to be faithful and write something every day.

Even the most globular of writing is still writing. I'm hovering in debt.

I'm going to make some crocheted animals for the business, too. We're needing that income badly and it's kinda free $$. I have the supplies. I just need the incentive to behave and help set up the site.

Poverty is a disease that I hope my 60 mil lotto ticked bought on 666 will remedy.

Amazon Fiasco

Good morning everyone! (Barely morning). I found out something intriguing and infuriating about Amazon today. If you have an "