Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Lost a Post

Unbelievable....can't get to the post I made.

1. Work
2. Business
3. Qabala

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Surly Malcontent

Surly malcontent...I think it's the steriods. I'm not handling the barrage of bullshit that seems to be washing up on this shore. The house leaks, ruined flooring, taxes, changes at work, what seems to be perpetual PMS...and the fears that something is wrong...

Ok, I think I'll focus on the good stuff for about 5 minutes:
1. At the moment, I have money in the bank. Not enough to do the repairs I need, but enough to make it another few weeks if I don't have any weird bills hit before my next paycheck.

2. Qabala - Started studying the very basic basics. Baby steps. Baby steps. Oddly, this time around (and yes, I've tried to read it with a closed mind or a wild mind or some faulty, immature mindset before, and failed) I'm keeping up and finding an interest. I'm far from stupid, but I wasn't prepared emotionally just yet.

3. An enlightening conversation with my youngest. Took 3 hours and felt like there may have been a bit of progress. Perhaps the housework will step up just a tad. He did mow the lawn today. After all, he doesn't work, doesn't have to contend with outside school and is loaded with cool stuff to do and friends to do it with...which makes housework all the less appealing, I know. It's just that, for a kid who's had hundreds of dollars lavished on him in the past two months and expects college to be miraculously paid for in ohhhh....two weeks, it's been disheartening to have him smart off about helping when I'm working as much as I am to PAY for the lavishments.

4. Work...I still have a job and it pays well. What more can I say?

5. Writing - no, no new projects beyond playing around with Space Opera. I need to read the stuff more. Most of the writers I have any 'free book' access to are all military sci-fi/s.o. Sighs. I know there are other kinds.

6. Jeep's running good even if it needs new tires, new top, a clutch...wait.

Ok, enough trying to cheer myself up. I think I'm gonna end up playing my own devil's advocate until I'm falling over from exhaustion.

It's 11ish now and time to dress for work and fly.

What a stupid blog. No fun links. No sex. No cool crafts. I gotta get a life.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Stuff of the Moment - a List

2. Space Opera
3. 7th Sea
4. Work and it's Foilables
5. The Business
6. Weight Gain
7. Prednisone

Amazon Fiasco

Good morning everyone! (Barely morning). I found out something intriguing and infuriating about Amazon today. If you have an "