Friday, March 18, 2005

Lord of the G-Strings

There was a discussion on one of the boards I haunt about this movie...

My reply (edited to protect the innocent):

"...It's so bad, it's hysterical. I have never seen porn so inept, and the ripoff so bad. After the Sex Trek series, where the humor was priceless, this was kinda strange. Throbbits? Omg. National Lampoon had Bored down pat and I recently acquired Sillymarillion, so I can compare.

This was bad. Mansquito bad. William Shatner bad.

I have to say, Tommy, If Sean and Viggo were in it, or (gasp) Karl (note Karl's lovely behind in "Demons"), I'd gladly slay dragons to protect my copy.

This....was funny at first and then just plain zzzzz at the end. I am a huge "Gamers" fan (go Dead Gentleman!) and parody's are grand. But Tolkien must be crying. At least get it right, people....laughing.

Skinny girls in Frederick's closeouts...just ain't my thing.

*Recalls a pic of a bunch of guys on a beach....all nude....wishing I'd been in NZ for a morning walk along that particular stretch of sand.*

P.S. Rent an old Hypatia Lee vid called "The Ribald Tales of Canterbury" if you want fun parody porn."
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