Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Worrisome Lonesome Winsome Regret

God...I am a procrastinator.

Highest order.
Highest water.

I have taxes to do, forms to find, an attorney to track down and hold to an agreement and I'm leaving in two days (after days of classes) for a trip.

Now the trip, that's interesting. Short, close and sweet. I can drive home to check on the pups at any time

I'm not prepared, but I'm getting there. I'll have a bag packed by tonight. I'm lost on the New Orleans theme, but I have some beads and a cup...and a mask. I'm bringing my laptop so there will be "Moon over Bourbon Street" and "Sympathy for the Devil" to be had. How do you do a N.O. theme? Flood the house. Float a dead body or two by? Flash your tits?

Let's do an assassin theme. I'll make a t-shirt of my fav. assassin (Kirill) and I'll wear it all weekend, drooling.

It'd work.
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