Tuesday, December 20, 2005

karl urban lustings

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I forget who gave me this pic, but the chick who does these is AWESOME. She has the bestest grabs and such online. Mwah!

www.elessarsrealm.com had a great link to a karl urban site i joined but they inactivated me after a week since I didn't post. WTF? That blows my mind. I work, for christsakes. Some humans hold down real jobs and are off line for ohh god...like hours at a time.


I'm in a foul mood over other shit. A GF's brother should not be making whiney half-assed veiled threats on one's cell phone when he's clueless as to the real world for the most part. The FBI takes offense.

So, I don't want to work, I want to be rich, and I'm a Disgruntled Malcontent.

Well, I'm going to lie back down, dream some more of my Regency Karl dream and hope for some napping time. I know work's gonna call and I need to hit a craft store for art supplies.

Browncoats Forever!
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