Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Yule/Book Reading

I've been in a fiction mood lately. I went to B/N and did get two new books, one of which I read last night and sadly, even though I usually adore Jayne Ann Krentz, this one was a yawner. "Truth or Dare" was a 1.5 hour read and only marginally worth the $5.95 I paid for the hardcover.

"From Publishers Weekly
Zoe Luce, psychic interior decorator, has finally settled down to domestic life in Whispering Springs, Ariz., with private investigator Ethan Truax after their tempestuous courtship in Krentz's previous romantic thriller, Light in Shadow. However, sinister cobwebs of energy confront her when she enters certain rooms, threatening to make her lose her tenuous grip on sanity. Meanwhile, Arcadia Ames, Zoe's old friend from Candle Lake Manor Psychiatric Hospital, fears the husband she sacrificed her identity to escape has finally tracked her down. Krentz never fully explains exactly why Grant, Arcadia's husband, wants her dead, relying instead on facts revealed in Light in Shadow. Indeed, from beginning to end, this sequel feels more like an appendix to the last book than a novel in its own right, as Krentz forgoes a strong central plot to focus on the kind of warm and fuzzy details about Zoe and her Whispering Springs friends that most novels relegate to the epilogue. She fattens the story with pizza dinners, heartfelt talks and proffered slices of lemon meringue pie, but scrimps when the action picks up and offers limp, far-fetched conclusions to the book's various subplots. Though no one will begrudge the goodhearted characters from Whispering Springs their tasty tidbits, in her rush to get to the happy endings, Krentz leaves readers hungry for a more substantial story.
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"Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown was a two hour read and worth the .59 cents I paid at Goodwill. It's also very timely. I hear Georgie Porgie is now monitoring international calls without wiretaps. Look the message is: Don't be a terrorist.

Beyond that, Merry Yule to Everyone. I'm working on a scarf for no one in particular and I gave two away today. I'm hoping that I can get the two recipients to model them for pics for the business. Both are gorgeous early 20's chicklets and wonderous friends that I went to NIN with...groovy wenches.

Also carrying around: Magical Reiki, A Witches Guide to Faery Folk, the NIV, (MY PRECIOUS) The Lord of the Rings Reader's Companion (omg, omg, Yule giftie to ME), LOTR, The 3 A.M. Epiphany and Fun and Funky Crochet.

I bought oddball, useful presents this year and hope everyone loves me for it. I just want them to be eh eh happy. is fun as usual. I'm crocheting up like mad and his additions to the 2006 "Pattern a Day" calender are great! Go Drew!

I'll be back later for additions, perhaps. Hugs....
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