Monday, December 12, 2005

This F)*(*^(&^&*%^(*&)*&)_*_)_+_ Hurts!

Well, I felt I had to give you a cool link to go to...clicky on the flashing dots...'cause the rest of this may be a whiny ranting bitch fest. "WhinyRantingBitchFest Yule 2005" does not equate to Lilith Faire, but I'm sure there are similarities. For one thing, the organizer is a woman.

My right ankle, demonically possessed, continued to hurt and I called my doc, who, being saintlike in his availability to be called on in odd moments, said, "Sure...come on down. You're the next contestant on...FUCKING PAIN!"

Ok...*deep breathes*

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My doc taketh out the evil fluids from my ankle and instilleth a concocation that is to ease it....

Holy F'king Shit...omg this hurts!

Big old hematoma where the needle access was....huge. Then the other half of the ankle is all swollen anyway. Oh! Let's not forget the tendon pain sprinkles.

I have made two awesome crochet scarves this past week and forgot them, or they'd be displayed proudly on the screen.

So, here's another Karl avie giftie sent to me to you...
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Ok, I'm outta here to rescue my ankle from the ice I'm holding on it. Ouch.

Took multiple meds per MD's instructions. Getting thankfully sleeply.

Everyone do a work dance and pray I have a job come Wednesday!
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