Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy B'day to Me, Agani Aniwaya

Happy B'day to Me!

I'm having a fair day. Tonight, family is going to sport lasagna for me! But, in the meantime, I'm drinking a Dew and listening to Sting and Jimmy Buffet on some sort of b'day celebration rotation.

I'm using my new omg power supply with my laptop. It cost a bloody fortune and pisses me off that I have to buy one after the third Dell I had shit itself. Frustrating. This one cost $40 more. Yep, that's right. $40.

Reading "The Celts" and "Gods of the Celts" but I also have "The Return of King Arthur", "Possession" and "Pompeii". Am I omnivorous? Oh yeah!

"DOOM" available Tues.
I work lots next week.

I can't stay awake.
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