Monday, February 06, 2006


Too graphic for movie theatres? Is Karl nekkid? Is there a god?

I'm feeling all proud of myself. I finished the last 525 pages of "Possession: A Romance" by A.S. Byatt in my spares last night at work. Now I read fairly fast, but this is a dense book. Not that it's weighty, but it's very...British. Love that, actually, and it ended extremely well, for which I am ALWAYS pleased. I hate shitty endings, where all has to go wrong for someone to feel it's worthy literary fiction. What gets me about fiction at all is that I read between 325 and 500 pages an hour making a $25 dollar expenditure for a new novel ridculous. If I were on a fiction glut, I could wipe out $75-100 bucks in a day before my eyes crossed at that rate. Screw that. I wait for $4.95 at B/N. Cheaper than a magazine is good in my world anyday.

Heard the Steelers won.

Now, off to send good health and feel goods to Nimmie and hit the road for some power shopping and later, nappage.

Must pick out new book for today.

Started jotting Regency stuff again. Wish I had sticktoitiveness.
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