Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today's Accomplishments

Nausea...treatment, sleep and Phenergan. Shitfuckdamn. I hate this. Will it ever be 'right'?

Watched a few hours of "Firefly" episodes in the background and wrote part of a bar scene that might open the book or hit within just a bit of the beginning of the book.

I went to Office Max and had three notebooks made with spiral bindings...two of two hundred pages and one of one hundred. Gorgeous speckly paper! Far far cheaper than buying notebooks. I also found a Waterman pen that Shelle might get for b'day gifty. Gorgeous!

Well, I'm off to bed soon. Tomorrow comes and I hope to get some writing done. DL'ing gag reel right now and have to leave puter on...hope its safe.
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Amazon Fiasco

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