Wednesday, November 23, 2005

NaNo Doneness

"'Ere I am, mindin' me own bidness, mind you, and up walks this lolly of a lass..."

I'm done!
Legolas Fan Girl Squeeeeee!

Ok. I'm lying. I have 50K out of ohhh...a 125K book, but I came, I saw, I crisised, I arc-ed, I denumounted, I wiggled, I blasted, I hovered and I...made it over 50K.

Right now, I have a little song and dance for you. It's more of an anthem, but it involved shaking ones ass...

"I went over 50K, so I shake my round booo-tay!"

Not Shakespeare quality, but it's the best my sleepless brain can manage.

Now I have the dilemma of friendfromNCintown vs buying food.


Off to get paper paycheck (wtf are those, anymore?) and get busy. This whole Thanksgiving, steal a country from a people with a few trinkets and smallpox blankets gets to me, yah know? And don't get me started about St. Paddy and those fucking Irish snakes...

Bold and Beautiful, as always,
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