Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NaNo Madness

My hand is freaking killing me as is my head, but I've spent over two hours typing on Nano stuff and have posted 3500 ish words towards my 50K. No, it's not much, but I have a headache now and am going to drug myself into sweet oblivion. I spent Samhain watching "Empire Records" and "The Breakfast Club" with my kids, which was actually kinda fun. Good soundtracks and better stories. My boys are in love with Ally Sheedy, which is only natural, since they love goth chicks.

The music in my head is some weirdass combo of NIN and Toby Keith's "What Happens Down in Mexico...". Don't ask. I was despirate for music on the way home and flip and flopped like a fish.


No one's online tonight. Nim ran off early and crashed or something. Eryn, who usually comes around is not answering. CJ was on earlier, but I had to leave him despite the great Foamy postcard! I think I'll drop a line to Circe and hit the potty and the sack.

Work tried to call me in. On Samhain. Not.

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