Friday, September 30, 2005

Return To Work

I managed to finish four hours tonight back at work...quickly, efficiently, more so that I thought my rusty self could. I've not been pointman for a module in a while, having served (swerved) as a stupidvisor for awhile before getting sick.

I did ok, thought. Startlingly enough, it might have been pure, mainlined adrenaline. The Danskos helped.

I've been lost in Kirill and the character for days in my head. I have real life ponderings, but for fantasies, Twin O' Mine, set off some hard core (NC-18, XXX) level lusts and I'm coping...barely.

Tomorrow, I'm off from work (and work the next three after that) but I get to eat din-din at a great Greek place and see Serenity.

Afghan progress is slow, but I'm considering ways to speed up the process.

Doom in ohhh....3 weeks. Merry Samhain to me!

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