Friday, May 27, 2005

Strange Dreams

Had this ultra-complex dream sometime between 0400 and 1000 about being either an archeologist or paleontologist and studying these incredibly ancient burials of a type known as "Dresden Man". (I Googled with only German results.)They were buried in these two small side tunnels off of a central rectangular dig. An earlier team had located them and cleared the areas (one of which was 'hidden' or temporarily blocked by several layers of old newspaper put there by the previous team). The tunnels were illuminated somehow and the bodies were lined up buried and mummified head to foot lying on their backs.

There was no sign of rituals of mummification. It was as if they were freeze dried. It was a family (father, mother, grown-ish children...) all greater than six feet tall it seemed, with Neandertal features and black hair chopped in these 'little dutch boy' pageboys. They had brownish yellow teeth and were either nude or dressed in primatively tanned leather pieces.

There was some weird followup to this dream about the military being involved and then Michael, Cassie and I all searching another cave like area for religious discoveries of the primal plane (real time, real world) variety.

Scott doesn't want to play Amber, so it looks like Holly's might be a possibilty for Jamie, Michael, Wayne, Dan, Holly, Sly, Candace and lil' old me to get together and play. Scott's "it's too subjective...I want to play Pendragon or Swashbucking" speech just lost him some mondo sales. Oddly enough, I usually bought something every time I went down. Now...I don't make special trips cause I know I'll buy. I love the Green Dragon, but I'm not up for spending $$ on magickal books right now. Supposedly he's got in $4000 worth of new stock, but I'm feeling mighty poor about now.

I know this size pic could screw up my blog, but I'm experimenting with something...

*Note to self: experimentation partially successful! That'd make a nice 'Benedict' trump.*
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