Thursday, May 19, 2005


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My Uncle Benedict? I'm thinking of playing Amber again. I love diceless roleplaying. It's like a great, huge Improv machine with friends around a table and as the Games Mistress I have to stay ahead of them all and outthink them. What a challenge! The average IQ of the folks at my table is usually 160, so it's a mind-f*ck of phenomenal proportations. I personally know two of them have IQ's in excess of 170 and that makes it all the more fun. No intimdation included.

I play all the NPCs (well, nearly all...the players can have companions) and Bethany, daughter of Corwin and Dierdre. It's funny. Corwin was the legitimate heir to the throne, having been born on the correct side of the bedsheets (Eric was a bastard son...sorry Uncle...glad you're dead. You always looked at me in a creepy, predatory way. Too bad you had to die.) and his eldest would be the most likely to rule. Oh no way. Bethany would arch an eyebrow and glare at any soul who suggested she seat the throne of Amber. much as I'd like to carry on with this diatribe, I have to go get meds (Vancomycin) and my Jeep. More later?

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