Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Crochet and Lord of the Rings

Last night, in a fit of nervousness, I started crocheting yet another bag. So many of these get ohhh, um...10 rows in and then my dragonfly brain flits. It's a simple one, really. Remember those Sac bags of a few years ago? Ugly, nylon things. Well, this is close to that look only colorful and not in an electrically neon way. The only colors they seemed to have that held any interest was red. It was a hideous red, too. Not sexy, erotic lipstick red. Nope. It was a cheap, orangy, tainted red. Ew.

I have a purple bag in progress for a sweetie that lovessssss purple. The other one is varigated deep jewel tone, blue, green and perhaps topped with one more dark color. It's my hope to finish this one with some semblance of dignity, perhaps decorate it with freeform crochet thingies and sling it over my shoulder.

Watched Nat'l Treasure yesterday and savored my NIN CD. My true, back-o'-the-skull obsession was tickled by my Twin mentioning Boromir from LOTR. That got the old lizard brain all tanked up on Eomer and I'm such a mess. Damn I wish that whole movie thing didn't have to end. I'm certain the actors were grateful to get on with life after years of filming, but the addict in me wants more, More, MORE! I'll try to come back in here and posty a few pics of my obsessions, but here's a treat for now:
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There are some wicked crochet blogs out there and most LOTR blogs are defunct. *Sobs* Well, for some of us the road, in whatever form, goes ever on...
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