Friday, May 17, 2013

Triptych in My Little Journal

All part of a fantasy triptych for Juliana Cole's class! This sketchbook is almost used up. I'm not going further with this at the moment. I'm enjoying the process, though. It's fun and rewarding. I like making fantasy faces from my imagination. Ignore the wonky perspective on the castle walls. I sketched it quickly then said, "Eh." It's all for fun. Koh-i-noor woodless pencils do not work well on mixed media paper covered with craft paint. They certainly aren't Prismas. Usually they're really rich in color, but over painted surfaces...nope. The angel was done in Col-Erase by Prismacolor. They're softer colors and the leads are a bit harder than regular Prismacolors. They're awesome for erasing, though!

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Amazon Fiasco

Good morning everyone! (Barely morning). I found out something intriguing and infuriating about Amazon today. If you have an "