Thursday, May 02, 2013

Field Notes - Sampler!

Yep, I took off making a sampler for Juliana Coles awesome class "Field Notes: Mixed Media Sketching and I did a neat, organized mark-making review of most of the tools in my "Journal Mobile Unit." Juliana, who is a major part of the class and is very involved on a one-on-one basis gently explained that she wanted messy, yummy, juicy and experimental. Mix them up, play and my pages went from this...
and this...
Yes...and amazing, delicious, outrageous, riotous exploration of the things that I wanted to use and carry everywhere. I settled on some alternate markers, Golden Fluid acrylic Titan Buff and Turquoise (Phthalo) and Folk Arts' French Vanilla and Patina. (Obviously my fav colors are black and turquoise!) I'm still working through the marks and I'm sure my kit will be changing based on what I need and since I have one box already set up for life drawing, I know that this will evolve further. 

I'm having great fun in her class and after Initiation, I have to say that I'm hooked! I doubt I'll ever miss another of her classes and I'm hoping to lure her to South Carolina, to piratey Charleston, for a class! (Fingers crossed!)

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