Sunday, July 29, 2012

Neglectful Wench

I so neglect my blog...I'm not a huge FB'er like so many friends and family. I don't live via my iPhone and sometimes, I even feel guilty. But! Huge butt, but it's getting smaller...size 14-16 right now... I have been working on a huge granny blanket for Suzi Blu and I'm three squares from finishing. I have to sew it all together and do lots of awesome border around it, but I'm really pleased how the squares turned out. Half are solid squares, some are miter squares, some are grannies...and there are over 40 colors in it!
Note the awesome grandson in the pic. He helped me pick them all up and replace them in the project bag. I love him outrageously! I've drawn faces, working on Ady's Junk Journal class, waiting on Suzi to start her August the 1st class on keeping a date book/altered day minder...falling in love with classes I can't afford or have the willpower to do! Normal Morgan stuff. Amber is back! In less than a week, I will be Jesse for a few hours...and if I don't make some decisions, I'll still be the luckiest Amberite of them all. ART makes me feel good, even if I have to make it from my bed. Make something today. I promise you'll feel better. It won't take the pain away, but it momentarily dulls it. Or meditate! Mediation will give you a few blissful moments of peace. Blessings to all!
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