Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Untitled This week is all about procrastination and fodder. I'm killing two birds with one stone. I'm going through all of my mail, turning everything not associated with what I want into journal fodder and art layers for backgrounds, saving some of it for little books I'll make, and the rest is being recycled. I've never done this before, turning junk mail into fodder, but it's highly recommended. I also found a great biology book to decimate and I'm currently catching up with magazine pics in my portable file for use with art journaling and scrapbooking. 

Got both of my knees stuck with goo for the final five of five visit at the rheumatologist's office and hopefully that's it for six months! Pain to reduce pain later. It's a fair trade. Also, these injections keep me out of the OR for knee replacement so far. 

I'm still working on faces and venturing into the human body a bit. Wish me luck with my thousands of ideas and a daily fight with procrastination!

Canvasses and journals await! I've got two pages prepped for my novel ideas altered art journal and five other journals in the making. Enough jabbering. I'm going back to action! 

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