Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have found a wonderful art site called Book of Days by Effy Wild. Book of Days is a yearlong process that you can begin at any time and it's full of vids and .pdfs and tons of fun. I was shocked at the amazing amount of content. Where most classes that I've taken have, at most, one video per week or some, like Lifebook (which I love...) has a formal class every two weeks with interviews and such in between, Effy manages at least two videos a week and has Ustream/LiveStream once weekly and contains another adventure within the premium program for yet another video a week!


Most amazing of all, she has a large amt of content online for Basic Members who can follow along if they can't afford either the low monthly fee or the deal coming in June!

Her spreads are awesome. Her girls are beautiful. The content is great. (Yes, I can go on, but just go there and see!
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