Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nothing to write about...

I've got nothing to write about. Money woes are...subsiding just a tiny bit, I retrieved my JEEP (Whooo Hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It's not 100%, but it's like 90-95% and that's better than NO GO. No va...

I checked out the 4WD...I drove happily home!

It'll take a little gettin' used to, but the clutch is cool, all in all.

I'm watching a tattoo/ritual scarification show on Nasty Geographic channel and we're up to a tattoo convention in Oslo, Norway. Next is "Who Built Stonehenge" ish thingy.

I want a tat of a Confederate flag, tattered...with a superimposed Jolly Roger over it. I also crave some type of Grail/Soverignty/Mary/Mary Magdelena/Morrighan/Sophia and something based on Cernunnos/Herne. I have to find a way to get perhaps the Green Man on my skin, as well....we'll see. I want the Awen symbol at the top of my neck and the Celtic tree of life as an asstopper. OH...and that "9"...heh.

Ok, it's time for watching this show on ancient Pagan Celtic religions. *grins*
Right up my alley.

I'm going to be working a whole lot more in order to pay off bills and get my house repaired. I'll not be about as much. It's not withdrawal - it's a strong desire to sleep.

I'm creating new crochet designs, using a size L hook. I did a great skully yesterday. Taking only 9 rows...with a 10th in sc around in an I hook...I love it. It's like open work near your face, so that it's not too hot, yet it holds your hair perfectly. Like a Juliet style crown design, it's lovely. I was very pleased! If I get a chance to take some piccy's, I'll post up some of my lovely designs. Our website isn't up yet, but hey, I'm not shy!

OK, night night for now. Good posty. Will include some pic now:

Image hosted by

Greenville! March...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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