Monday, January 02, 2017

Lifebook 2016 and 2017

Well, panic sets in as I want to download the vids I really enjoyed from 2016 and I have only 30 days to do so and I have to download this lovely Star Girl that Tam is going to be making for the first week of Lifebook 2017! Is this new? No. I am a huge procrastinator and sadly, that stresses me out. I may include some new art in this post just to let you see some of the silly things I'm sketching. Anyway, Happy New Year and enjoy the month of safe from snow and such and loves to all.

Over three years old since I couldn't access my Photos for some reason. This is Anna. She was a lovely live model who had the most awesome model type-face and gorgeous body. Next will be some of my recent work. I'm currently working in one of D. Reavely's thick, awesome journals that takes layers and layers of paint, gesso, etc., with zero crinkling.

Janeuary is here! Go get your Jane Davenport supplies at Michaels.


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