Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Wee Hours

Sometimes it's easier for my back to be in a semi-reclining position than fully lying back. I hate this since I love my bed. :) It's 0449 and I need to go lie down but I thought I'd drop a pic or two here for an update. I hadn't realized so much time had passed since my last post.

I have some commission work to do - some shells, a palm tree in bold Bohemian colors (mostly teals) and a sketch of a young woman. No financial compensation coming since it's for friends, but that was my choice. I want to share what I can do and it keeps my hands moving...something my Rheumatologist said was a good thing. Plus, art is therapy for me. It's calming and soothes the soul, easing anxiety and the colors always make me happy.

These are from my quickie sketch book where I scrape paint with a credit card, slap down some tissue paper or add watercolor splotches to work within. Note that these are rough and definitely unfinished. I wanted to show the practice that goes into a finished piece. Blabbering on isn't what I need to do so enjoy:

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