Sunday, September 01, 2013

Moonshine Day One!

In this session of Moonshine, I intend to...create faces, explore the waning ovaries in my body and enjoy the last rays of mothering sunshine that my body offers but at the same time, I intend to enjoy my lovely daughter at the peak of her motherhood. She’s the most amazing woman ever...mother to a lovely son and devoted wife. I look upon her as my hero and I idealize her choices and her strength. She is the complete embodiment of the Mother Herself. 

As a woman who respects the Sacred Feminine in my concept of God/dess, the Mother-time was the most ideal time of my life. I used to think that Croning would be all I ever wanted. I craved being 45, free of my monthly flow, and having grandchildren. Oddly, the truth is that I miss the monthly waxing and waning of hormones and the feeling of being able to get pregnant. I believe that the Mother aspect of the Goddess is in many ways, the strongest. Creation. Birth. Life...

My intentions are to explore the faces of the Mother in this session, especially the Elven ones that have recently been showing up in my art. I want to enjoy another class with Effy Wild and to travel deeply into the spiritual road of the Mother Goddesses. Entering autumn, my favorite season, this is a perfect moment to grow and expand my knowledge of the Mother in all her forms. I’m looking forward to exploring the Inner Realms and seeking out the Mother. 

For fun, I’m engaging in 29 Faces! I can’t wait to do a face a day. Most will be quick sketches, but I’m going to love the challenge!

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