Friday, August 09, 2013

Folk Art Faces

I'm going to be taking Effy Wild's "Moonshine" starting September 1st and am pretty excited about the entire process. She has a cool portrait style. I'm also considering Tam's Gypsy girl portraits, but the finances say..."Nope" at this time.

Enjoying befriending folks OL and doing a little art journaling. I'm developing some techniques of my own and the folk art portraits I do are so much fun. I wish I was motivated enough to hit the Etsy store hard w/prints and such. I'd also like to get into CafePress and the like. I'm thinking on it. Might not make any $$ but I could enjoy finding out if anyone else likes them. I'd love to share them w/people beyond an occasional blog post.

So, here's the latest. She was a super quick, no-graphite sort of can easily see the corrections and yes, the fun! Loving the set of Prismas. It's awesome having such a wide range of colors.

She's progressed way beyond this...her face hasn't been finalized though and she has pink/purple hair thanks to Jen Gott who suggested taking her into the realm of fantasy.
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