Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Art of Silliness 3.0

I joined Carla Sonheim's workshop for the month of January-February for a mere $25. She's the author of "Drawing Lab" and I love her easy-going style of learning art.

Now that I've spammed you with everything wonderful about this lady's work, I'm here to say it's fun to have assignments ...even if they are cute and not torturously laborious. I'm sketching more and loving contour drawings all over again, even if they're in the margins of my journal and not in a valid sketchbook.

Limited other things to tell. I've had the crud for six days now and I think I'm finally making headway into "wellness land". However, I'm noticing the path is thorny and uphill. I had to miss my Methotrexate dose. That blows. I'll ache and hurt more than the cold and the rainy weather have tossed me into this week. Bleh. This, too, shall pass.

Writing tons in a cheap-ass, graph paper Composition book in Breast Cancer Relief pink. I'm hoping it turns out to be worthwhile. I've been working on this one 'book' since 1991. I should have 20,000 pages by now or well past 10 million words. Not. Sigh.

Photos and a new format coming soon!
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