Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hauls and Yarn and Jewelry and...

I went to A.C. Moore during their yarn sale days and scored some awesome yarns to make hats, baby things, amigurumi babies, and stuff. Four big canvasses and a huge lot of acrylics later (all at 50% off), I'm bound for painting a large, glorious tree through the four seasons. I scored some $1 jewelry parts so in a bit I hope to have three sets of earrings and a couple of necklaces or lots of silver-toned bracelets. I adore sterling, but it's so damned expensive!

I'm working on an owl hat for the baby (ck. out the owl hats on my Pinterest Crochet board) and the body of the hat is finished...the eyes, some side flaps and some tufts for the 'ears' are left...very simple parts. I want him to be comfy and such through the winter. He's still mostly bald and with my short hair and the cool days we've had, I can see where we both need hats. My hair is growing out like his, but...we're doomed for cold scalps for the winter.

Beyond that, some serious thrifting is in my future and major crocheting. I'll work in time to draw and sketch while I work on the Four Seasons.

Enough for now...Amber didn't happen last night so I have nada to report.
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